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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


For probably about a week now I've felt a bit like South Park's Towelie (I totally thought it was spelled T-o-w-l-i-e but YouTube told me that just isn't so) without that whole high thing (Pro-Portional Designs prefers highs that come from eating awesome food. Tonight I was able to 'get high" off of a chicken breast sub from subway that tasted like the best I'd ever eaten somehow). What I mean is I have just felt very "I have no idea what's going on." My brain has kinda gone on strike and there's very little I can do about it. So as mentioned before I have been sitting around knitting myself a little pretty pretty (aka Elizabeth Freeman's Laminaria pattern.)

Also not helping my Towlie funk is the fact that a water main seems to have burst in my neighborhood. Which means no water. Which means no showering or teeth brushing until the workmen stop for the day. WHICH MEAN! I'm not clean or presentable enough to go off into the wild world yonder (or at least not very far from my own house.) I'm going through a bit of LYS withdrawal. Thankfully some friends want some hats and this gives me even better excuse to go fondle some yarn.

Here is the promised picture so you can see where I am with this. At the time the picture was taken I was on the 8th repeat of the blossom chart on row 6. I nearly cropped the picture but opted not to so you could see Minnie Moose's little paws at the edge of the bed.

Aside from Towelie prompted lace knitting today I got a few e-mails that look like they spell exciting stuff for Om Nom Nom Studios - WOOT! But that's all I'm going to say until this has all moved a little further forward. Meanwhile here's "Big Things Poppin'" by TI to add a little flavour to my excitement.

Weird . . . this video makes me feel like doin' some push-ups with weights.