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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pay Day

Pay day, the day so many of us wait for. Which means I can leave the house to go get a little bit of yarn and notions only to return to the house and not leave again for another two weeks. This also (lately) means - FOOD! WE let ourselves get food from an outside source once every two weeks provided it's very cheap. And thanks to the coupons that came in the mail the place was Steak N' Shake.

Buy one get one free (Limited Time Only) Peppermint Milkshake.

99 cent chili.

I recommend that at the end of the meal if you and who you go with to have a race to see who can get their milkshake in the to-go cup the fastest.

What we saw when we left - priceless.

Then off to the grocery store for some juice and toilet paper. In the toilet paper aisle next to the Kleenex I saw this:

Press the button and these motherly figures tell you that you need to try not to get sick and that you should use some Kleenex.

I think the little tvs are cute.