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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adventures in Relaxation and Procrastination

I feel like I have been incredibly busy doing absolutely nothing. Despite the fact I finally have zippers for bags they have not been sewn in just yet. I have some new projects laying around but they are pretty much all just partially done.

Despite the fact this could be a huge mistake the other day I decided to do some lace knitting for relaxation purposes. Lace and relaxation really aren't all too synonymous for me. I tried to finish up my Garden of Alla shawl but even before it went into hibernation I was feeling that the way I was following the penultimate chart was totally wrong. So I frogged it and began using the yarn to take a second stab at Elizabeth Freeman's Laminaria pattern. is FULL of notes on everything that comes up that causes me to alter the pattern. The hypertext link for my project page will only work for those who have Ravelry.