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Friday, December 4, 2009

A Recipe from the Om Nom Nom Household

Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for my husband who prepared these alcohol infused fruitseys.


I nearly didn't post this evening because not only have I been hard at work all day on some new items I am particularly excited about, but I had to quickly whip up some pineapple and apple chicken for dinner, which is being followed by what caused me to write my letter to Santa.

So now for something totally different. A post from my husband about how you too can enjoy these tasty alcoholic fruits.

Husband: Alright, well wifey asked me to make something for dessert.. we have next to no food in the house so I was at a bit of a loss but I went and looked through the kitchen. First thing I found was an ancient bag of whole strawberries hopelessly frozen... well rather than just give up on those I cut open the back, put them in a bowl, and let warm water run over them for about 10 minutes while I watched the end of the basketball game in the next room ;) shhhhhh...

I came back in and picked out the awful looking freezer burnt ones.. then poured a lot of sugar over them.. apparently this pulled lots of juice out and now it looked like strawberry soup. And at last, inspiration!

Cut up a couple apples that the wife didn't want to eat anyways and add those then I remembered something from middle school about lemon juice preserving apple slices so I added that too.. followed by... LIQUOR!!!

First I used up the last of the Malibu. But not really enough in there to make that work... already used up the last of the Everclear that night so now what? Aha! MOONSHINE!! Well now its plenty alcoholic ummm still needs something else? Aha Maraschino cherries! Thought about adding a can of fruit salad, but since I wasn't sure my concoction wasn't awful I figured I shouldn't add more food to something that may be a waste.

The end.