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Friday, December 11, 2009

14 Days Til' Christmas. Really?

So to gear you up for more nommy creations as well as Christmas looky what I found! For those of us who are less that impressive in our gingerbread house building skills I found this cute game where you can decorate your own house. I guess it's not so much a game as it is an application but there you have it. I haven't tried it out yet but it looks enjoyable.

I had an appointment today at the mall. Easton Town Center is definitely ready for Christmas. Look at all the shiny pretty pretty!

Like so many people - I lost my car at the mall. But unlike many people - I lost it FOR HOURS! I was out in the cold from roughly 6PM until 930PM searching.

I was so certain I'd parked the Northwest parking lot but even after I found this:

it was probably another hour and a half until I found my car.

Cold mall hatred aside. Pro-Portional Designs is definitely on it's way to expanding in a few ways but some are too young to be sure about yet. But all of these ways will be kept a secret until things are set in stone and ready to go.