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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Food Pod

For those who follow this blog and are unaware I used to run and hope soon to return to posting on another blog I have. Ver De Livre is my other blog where I mostly talk about bookish gadgets. There are some new things I really need to get around to posting about on that blog.

Anyhow this is my first post about a food gadget. This, is the food pod, "the boil/blanch/steam/drain silicone pod." It's pretty much what that little blurb makes it sound like, it's a silicone pod that hooks to the outside of a pot and works as a removable strainer. So you can put the item you want boiled, steamed, or blanched in the pod and just removed it when you're done and not have to worry about hunting down a colander.

At first this struck me as pretty ridonkulous but it's growing on me and I kinda like it.