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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookies with Grandma

In an attempt to be more accessible and sociable Om Nom Nom Studios now also has Xanga and in the near future will also have Live Journal. There are no posts just yet on the Xanga account as of yet.

New items have been pre-loaded to Etsy. They are awaiting photos and some finishing touches (i.e. a LOT of zippers.) There are some entirely new sorts of items that will be offered on the next upload.

For Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace followers you are aware the other day my husbands grandma invited me over for leftover party food and cookie making (during which time crafts always come up in some form or another).

We had a brown sugar mishap that involved giant unbreakable chunks. Grandma put them into the mixer anyway so there was a momentary cookie dough/brown sugar hail storm. Which made my dogs particularly happy. Here is Minnie with little bits of dough still stuck her her.

I doubt she really noticed though.

Amongst lessons learned was a new, somewhat important one. Do not leave wine unattended when grandma is around. No, she didn't drink it. Because she has no wine glasses I had mine in a coffee mug on the table. When I returned from shaving some newly felted bags I found this:

This is a cookie dough encrusted spoon - in. my. wine. She had no idea she'd even done it until I started snapping pictures of the cup.

I married into a crafty family. The range of abilities is astounding. We have crocheters, seamstresses, general fine artists, and quilters. Grandma seems to be the head quilter of the family. In fact, her bedroom is further proof how entrenched in crafting she is.

And those are just some of the people from the family I married into - my immediate family also has a lot of artistic inklings as well.