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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Wonder Knit

A year ago a couple of lovely ladies opened up a yarn store called Wonder Knit. At the time I already had a yarn-y home at a place that needs not be named. I barely remember my first glimpse of who I can't even recall if it was Libby or Karen - what I do remember was feeling the possible enemy was closing in. One (or possibly both of them) came to quietly and politely look around my nameless haunt and then just as quietly left.

Things happened as they tend to in life and I ended up leaving said haunt and eventually came in to carefully look around the new store in town - Wonder Knit. This was when I officially met Libby. When I heard the friend I had come with make the comment that Libby had written the book on drunken knitting I was all ears about what that meant.

Pints & Purls: Portable Projects for the Social Knitter, written by Libby Bruce and Karida Collins was pre-ordered soon after I got home. In fact, when it was finally released last April I had my copy before Libby even had her own.

Karida is another story entirely. I only knew her because of the book and then face book, but there really was no interaction. But then! Karida announced she was moving to Columbus and would soon be able to be found at Wonder Knit. . . It still took me close to seven months to meet the lady.

Aside from co-authoring Pint & Purls, Karida also owns I feel a bit like anything I could say about this would be a disservice so I will say what I can and encourage you to check out her yarns for yourself after reading this.

Karida's yarns are simply amazing. The colours are vibrant and luscious. The texture of the yarn is not too soft or too rough and it is very consistent in its weight. I hope soon to figure a way to integrate her yarns into my work so that those who are not knitters and are Pro-Portional Designs customers can still reap the benefit of they eyetastic yarns.

Both Karida and Libby have second (seperate) books in the works. Sadly I can't remember what Libby's next one will be about. Karida's will be more portable knits of varying skill levels and estimated lengths of time that it will take for you to complete.

Before I go much further I don't want to forget Karen. Karen is the other owner of Wonder Knit, and although I do not personally know her all too well I can tell you that she is still a delight to be in the presence of. The most time I have ever gotten to spend with her was probably when she would some skeins of Art Yarns for me - however brief it was nice to get a chance to speak with her.

The birthday party would be the first time my husband met a lot of the ladies I know from my previous LYS (Local Yarn Store/Shop) as well as my new friends. He chose to wear the Jackyll & hide balaclava I'd originally made for myself last year.

A LOT of people came out for this and my pictures barely reflect just how many there were coming, going, and hanging out for the party.

A few people had their well behaved dogs and even more had their even better behaved children. This little girl is particular was nothing short of a riot. She was one of those adults in a tiny body who was capable of holding her own in a conversation with grown-ups.

Although there were other desserts I chose to zero in on these cupcakes. I didn't actually eat any (I know I'm pretty shocked too) but knowing they were there was a comfort.

I spent most of my time knitting otherwise there may have been a few more pictures. In fact I finished 90% of the first arm warmer in a set.

The lady you see in this picture holding a mirror is designer Torn Angel who has kindly modeling my new barettes since my hair is not necessarily barrette compatible. In the back next to me is an aspiring knit-wear designer / author - Frankie. I'd tell you what his book would be about but I'd like to keep a lid on his original idea to help it stay his.

My husband had his own party to go to so I had to say good-bye to people a bit earlier than I planned but on my way out I ran into V - who according to one COULD be me! This was the first time we've met in person. My husband stopped her to take her picture and mid-picture she realize who I was. That would make this her pose turned realization face. I look forward to getting to know V better - anyone who shows up with a bottle of wine to a birthday party is my kinda person. And check out her adorable bangs!

After taking pictures of me in the newest carrot scarf I zeroed in on Karida. When I opened Pro-Protional's Etsy shop she made the joke that all my pictures were of me in a slutty dress making naughty faces. I decided to incorporate her into the naughty face / carrot scarf photos.

On the way to dropping my husband off at his party my gas light turned on - so I totally need to sell items or someone needs to hire me!