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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pro-Portional Designs and The Uniform Project

I mentioned before that I had "Big Things Poppin" but couldn't tell you more (for fear of Jinxiepoos!) But now that the time has arrived I can now tell you.

Om Nom Nom Studios offered a donation to The Uniform Project (because I'd need a few hundred dollars to be flat broke). Links to where to find Pro-Portional Designs were sent along with the offer. The response back was that Sheena liked the Chocolate Chip Cookie Scarf and I figured why not give her just that!? I didn't end up sending the exact one that she saw and liked but instead whipped up one JUST for The Uniform Project(complete with label.)

I have listed the twin to the one given to The Uniform Project. If interest is expressed in more of these I will begin turning more out immediately. Then in late April or early May donate a portion of the profits to The Uniform Project both as a monetary show of support that I was not initially able to give and as a thank you for providing me with a means to do just that.

This specifically means that all orders placed for the chocolate chip cookie scarf from Pro-Portional Designs during the remaining days of The Uniform Project will fall subject to funds for donation. Scarves will be sent out in the order requests are received and payment is due before any stitches are cast onto my knitting needles (to insure donation is made in time and also because I do not have money to put up for gas or yarn). To arrange to order a chocolate chip cookie scarf I can be contacted directly through Etsy or you may e-mail me at

"Also, so you know, we are planning to auction off the donated accessories that Sheena wears to increase our fundraiser." So if any of you out there are interested in owning her exact scarf that should be an option.