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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Om Nom Nomtionary

From the personal dictionary of Om Nom Nom:

Knitstipated (see also CoKnstipated) is the condition of a knitter in which said knitter feels unable to expel finished projects, cast on for new projects, or find anything they feel compelled to knit. In its most severe cases knitstipation can lead to yarn impaction.

Yarn Impaction (see also Yarn Obstruction) is when a fiber artist is unable to desire or purchase yarn, sometimes suffering from yarn disinterest. This is often the result of knitstipation.

Knitstipated, is a term I coined myself and thankfully do not have frequent need to use it. The last two weeks I have no bee so fortunate. However, with a lot of quality time spent at my LYS and my hubby allowing myself to the treat of two skeins of The Neighborhood Fiber Company's worsted yarns, I am on the mend.

Tonight another of the many items that I have pre-loaded but not activated on the Pro-Portional Designs Etsy store will be activated.

With not much left to say I leave you with a picture of some awesome stuffed bread I made with my family just yesterday.

I am so happy with this and plan to play with this recipe and design. Once I have one I think it suitable to share it will be posted here on the Om Nom Nom Studios blog for your tummeh's pleasure.