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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Intro to "The Fat Man's Club" (picture heavy)

Today I randomly planned to have another meeting of "The Fat Man's Club" with my friend Jake but because of my very recent (complete) obsession with Cafe World on Facebook I refused to leave until my dishes were served. In the two hours and four minutes it took for my dishes to be ready to serve (so they wouldn't go bad while I was out) I probably should have looked outside.

Now before I go on, I'm sure you're wondering what on earth "The Fat Man's Club" even is. I am a plus-sized gal and I'm sure that is still recognizable through my photos online. Like a lot of women though I used to be a teeny tiny thing (which some people like my husband still say I am because of my height of five foot three.) When I was that teeny tiny thing I used to make jokes that a very large fat man lived inside of me and that he was hungry. About two years ago I met Jake when I moved to Ohio. He too is a fellow of jolly pro-portions. We got along immediately.

One day I randomly proclaimed that I was starting "The Fat Man's Club." Basically it was just me and anyone else who loved to grub (most of us all jovially pro-portioned.)

As of late I have had a craving for Jimmy Johns - and if you are ever in Columbus, Ohio I really recommend them. They are really fantastic subs that are made FAST (they like to advertise how quick they are.)

Back to the great outdoors.

I ended up deciding not to go all the way to Jimmy Johns (because alas I no longer live as close to it as I used to) and told Jake The Fat Man's Club will have to reconvene at another date. Once he looked outside - he didn't blame me.

Problem was, I still actually needed to go out or suffer a house with no toilet paper. Here is a view of what I was out driving in from inside my car.

I wasn't at Wal Mart terribly long and my car looked like this by the time I came back outside.

Snow is much more fun when you get ready to go out and play in it with your family - even if your family is just one more person and two dogs. When my husband got home from work the girls and I were ready to play! Actually Perfect seemed more ready than all of us because she raced to the door and camped out there to insure she'd be the first one out into the snow.

In real life her eyes don't look all glowy.

More pictures (as well as better views) of tonight's playtime in the snow can be found on Om Nom Nom Studios Flickr stream.