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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Driven to Distraction

Lately I have been incredibly distracted by just about everything at the same time as nothing. I have bouts where I am busy with work and then there are some bouts where I could not possibly be more bored (like to the extent of Oog who appeared on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.)

Oog!!! Bored!!

Mister Game Developer! :3 | MySpace Video

I've still been running around with my camera to try and make sure I have pictures to help keep you visually stimulated.

I spent about a day trying to turn Jared Flood and the Rainy sisters adaptation of the Hemlock Ring Doily turned blanket - into a cardigan. And it actually did work out - just not in my size. So I'll have to try again later. During that time I also fell seriously out of love with the shade of purple I was using which I bought last year to make Kate Davies' owls sweater.

After all the snow we have had and then my car battery dying I had barely left the house since New Years. So I spent two straight days at my LYS - it was very cathartic. Even more-so because I stumbled upon this colourway by Neighborhood Fiber Company and had to have it.

So for the last day and a half I have been making another Queen Anne's Cardigan.

But boredom and a bit of worry about my knowledge that I will run out of yarn before I complete it led me back to work a bit more on my Winter Wonderland sweatercoat. The back of it is completely finished and now I am working on the left front side.

Pro-Portional Designs also made it's first sale last week and just a day or two ago I placed another new item into the store. Also, I think I may have mentioned that I had bags that just needed zippers. All but two of them now have zippers so those will be up in the store soon as well.

Well, I have a hungry husband to feed.