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Monday, January 4, 2010

Belated Happy New Years

Oh my I never wished everyone a happy new year. So let me take this opportunity

Mine was pretty uneventful. I had planned to go to party A, but then my husband told me that he was going to throw one at our house. CRAP! So I took a break from working on items for the store to haul patooty to clean my messy house. The husband comes home and I find he has changed his mind about that and would rather go to party B. We wait hours and find out party B has fallen through. So now it's around 10:30 and we have no idea what we're doing. We ended up heading off to grandma's house and playing wii with one of our cousins.

The next day I spent practically every waking hour working on one of the aforementioned big things that's preparing to be poppin'. Thinking ahead I had brought a bag full of extra work that needed the touch of a sewing machine with me. So there are quite a few pre-listed items nearly ready to go - they are mostly just waiting for zippers. Mostly.

I mentioned I took on the insane task of lace knitting for relaxation. In a nutshell I have two rows left of my Laminaria and am on strike (and relatively certain it WILL get frogged). I have looked over what I have knitted and do NOT see the proper pattern in it and I feel certain it's because of (what feels like) the hundreds of mistakes within it.

Last night I cast on and set up for my own Winter Wonderland Sweater however somewhere in the lower skirt chart I managed to be off a row so all of my Wrong side rows have become my right side rows. I recently had yet another snag in knitting it (a stitch off) and in light of my most recent fail I am considering frogging it and starting over.

Now I'm off to drown my knitting frustrations in a pot of flowering Calendula tea.