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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Full Monty on Mo's Bacon Bar

Alright, I have been unintentionally taunting my Facebook fans for over a week now in reference to my recent purchase of Mo's bacon bar. Sorry darlings, I will do my best never to play with your bacon-flavoured emotions for so long without smoky gratification again.

Bacon chocolate is nothing new, but it is a new sort of purchase for me. Not yet to the point of ordering it online I have been going without and lying in wait.

On my penultimate trip to World Market I checked to see if they sold the bar of legend. It appeared they did not. Bummer. Curse these four eyes and praise be to my husbands better two because on our way out of the store he told me he saw them!!!! ELEVENTY!!!! Ready to turn around, have him point out this white whale, purchase and consume - I was stopped. By the boy himself! He could not get over the price tag and wasn't having any of it. I said fine but told him I planned to be back without him and do it any way.

Birthday around the corner and my GPS (I'm quite literally lost without it) in the boys car I carefully chose my moment. Wanting a bottle of champagne for my special day I chose World Market for my shopping destination and preached the birthday gospel that is "it's my birthday and if I want a bacon bar I deserve one." The boy was stuck.

When we arrived I rushed right to the chocolate isle where for once I saw the box for the bars . . . and it was empty! EMPTY!!!!! There had even been a sign that said 2 for $10. I quickly found a sales person to ask if there were any in the back. The World Market employee told me that she had just checked the back for another person (that turned out to be the boy) and there was nothing left. I stood there in the isle, looking as if someone kicked my puppy and then I saw my husband walking up to me - with two bars in hand. The staff had overlooked a box on the top shelf that was completely full.

You'd think I'd scarf down the bar in the car right away or maybe even wait until I got home to lite it up, but with all the trouble that surrounded my new precious it needed to meet a fitting end.

I finally ate a quarter of the bar as a shared dessert with my husband after a belated champagne dinner.

Still feeling grateful to the boy the first piece broken off was given to him. Immediately after breaking off my own I sniffed the bar and don't act like you wouldn't do the same! I was truly overcome with the smell of smoky, smoky applewood bacon and alderwood smoked salt.

Looking at the bar it looks like a pretty regular chocolate bar.

With my first bite, I tasted something incredibly sweet with crazy smoky bits. Those smoky bits had just a tiny bit of crunch but don't take tiny bit to be minuscule, no it was perfectly paired. It felt so right and I was able to start to see little flecks of bacon inside the bar when I looked at it.

My second bite caused me to make the note "ZOMG," that's right, I take notes as I eat new things for you guys to make sure I don't miss or forget a thing.

The third bite was when I noticed how very smooth the chocolate and it medium to long finish.

Fourth bite, I am obsessing over the smooth texture and perfect crunch.

Fifth bite, my last bite, I am now closing my eyes to insure I get the full on feeling.

A large part of the reason I did not immediately blog about this adventure was to make sure my opinion on the bar was not swayed by the amount of champagne I'd imbibed at that point.

The boy and I just finished off the bar this evening and I have officially decided that yes, I do like this bar.

Om Nom Nom Studios rates this bar five stars. I will admit it is not full on perfection - but this may be as close as is lawfully allowed for a person, chocolate, and bacon to get to the point they aim for.

Because bacon chocolate is going to be an experience that varies from person to person I've enlisted the boy to give you a second opinion:

Hmmm. Well it was good. You could tell the chocolate was high quality, very rich and creamy. The bacon was smokey and like most bacon, delicious.

Hype was the undoing of the bacon bar I'm afraid. It did not live up to my expectations and I felt let down and disappointed by what otherwise was a delicious candy bar.


LaQuinta said...

Hmmmmm I think I will go to World Market Friday to try this bar, can't say that I've heard a lot of hype about it, as you are the first I have heard talk about it, but I will definitely try it.

Pro-Portional said...

Always happy to make someone interested in new noms. Please let me know what you think once you get it.