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Friday, May 14, 2010

Things to Do With Your Life When You're Unable to Knit

Still out of commission but I have high hopes that I am on the mend.

Today was one of those days where I woke up smiling so I treated myself to a little Duran Duran via YouTube first thing.

Then I headed out to play some early morning basketball with my hubby. The weather was looking better than it has recently so I suggested if we left right then we could go canoeing.

The scenic twelve-mile river ride was worth the two hour drive to get there. Last time we went Perfect flipped the canoe at least twice so we didn't bring a camera out with us.

Since we started out so super early in the day we hadn't eaten yet. We chose to go through a Long John Silvers/KFC drive-thru. I ended up not getting the double down (say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?) and instead went for the KFC boneless fillet or what I have been personally calling, "hand chicken."

On the way home hubby felt incredibly compelled to buy a wiffle ball and bat for family fun when we head out to his grandma's house. I came thisclose to buying a Shake Weight but my mother managed to talk me out of it via phone, saying that she heard those don't work. BUMMER!

To lift my spirits I hoofed it over to World Market while hubby bought the wiffle balls and bat to look for something fruity nom to drink.

While I looked around I saw some other nommies and snapped a few pics and sent them to my waiting hubby outside in the car. There was an interesting looking Dandelion & Burdock drink, chipotle chilli dark chocolate bars (I was actually looking for the bacon and dark chocolate bars but they didn't have them today), and chilli and lime dark chocolate bars.

I nearly got this yard of twizzler container.

Here is what I came away with. So far I have only cracked into the sparkling pear and it's just wonderful. It doesn't really taste like any pear drink I have had before. My first impression was a bit like cream soda meets pear. All I can say is that it's sweet, smooth, light, and just the right bit of tart.

In the center is a key lime pie cream soda. There was only one left and my parents are huge key lime pie fans. I may drink it, I may bring it home, I may search for more so everyone can try it all at once - I just don't know yet. All I knew was, with one left I had to buy it.

And here is my impulse purchase, a Big Bite Gummy Bear (blue raspberry flavoured) - but I don't know if I will be able to bring myself to eat it.


smarmy said...

I come from a family of strange drink lovers... I have never seen those drinks here, but we have a World Market nearby, so I'm going to have to go check it out!!

Pro-Portional said...

HAH! What an interesting sort of family to have. Happy to get your interest.
And the Dandelion Burdock had a slight licorice taste. Very herbal.