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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Wilds

I mentioned that last weekend we intended to go to The Wilds during my birthday weekend but we didn't make it. But hubbo promised to take me this weekend.

The Wilds is a wildlife conservation here in Ohio that features (almost exclusively) endangered animals. The intent of their guided safari's is to "advance conservation through science, education, and personal experience." There are multiple touring options but we chose to do the two and a half hour open-air tour.

My two favourite animals we saw were the camels.

(Check out how awesome these look! I kept imagining nommy nom camel yarn.)

And a new animal that, to me, looks like a giant, horned capybara. It's called a sichuan takin.

Tonight I planned to blog about my experience with Mo's bacon bar but it seems that I am suffering from some heat exhaustion and feel incredibly sick. I promise I will get that review to you very soon though. So sorry guys!

For the rest of the pictures from our wild adventure you can see there here in the Om Nom Nom Studios Flickr stream. I will also try to see about getting your correct animal names in the near future.

So I leave you with a nifty picture I took of the sky this evening.