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Monday, June 7, 2010

Junior's Most Fabulous Cheesecake & Desserts

A few weeks ago I was flipping through my foodie friend SiamKittie's Facebook photos and saw this photo of what turned out to be a slice of strawberry shortcake cheesecake, and instantly needed info about how I could make this happen for myself. SK was kind enough to direct me straight to where I could buy my own online (and currently on sale too!)

Before ordering I did my usual online search to learn a little about what I was getting myself into. In an online forum I saw someone said that Junior's Cheesecakes make Cheesecake Factory's cheesecakes taste like Sara Lee. It was ordered within the next 48 hours. Then I played the waiting game, in fact while I played I avoided all other desserts until my cake arrived.

Finally the day came, and much to my chagrin UPS didn't show until very late in the day; however it did show right as we were about to have dinner. UPS pulled a bit of a ding-dong-ditch and was gone before my husband answered the door. They also set the box on its side which had me a little worried about the state of my cake. There was minor squashing on one side but nothing like the pizzas that have obviously carried the under a delivery guys arm.

The cake was incredibly well packaged and was shipped with dry ice to keep it cool.

My initial response to the cake was that it fell short of my now somewhat hyped expectations. It was alright, and I liked the shortcakey bits, but the cheesecake was still slightly frozen. Still more cake to go I decided that I would just wait until the cake was entirely thawed and see how I felt about it then.

The thaw was just what the cake needed. The icing is light, nearly fluffy, leaving me wishing there was just a wee bit more to enjoy; it complimented the cake perfectly. Sandwiching cheesecake in between the shortcake was an interesting call on the part of Junior's and I must say as a girl who adores a sandwich - I approve! Inside the cheesecake was mixed just the right amount of fresh strawberries. There wasn't a strawberry in every bite but one sure seemed to show up when you wanted one. When it comes to the shortcake two words come to mind and those are springy and spongy.

Overall I'd have to say each individual piece that went into making this creatively layered cake was well crafted.

Was it the best cheesecake of my life? Since there's more life to live it's really too soon to say; but whenever I am back in New York I have every intention of seeing what other freshly concocted desserts Junior's has to offer.

Final rating? Three and a half stars - I really enjoyed it but didn't fall head over heels, I wouldn't turn down a piece if offered, and would actively pursue trying it again fresher than I was able to get it here in Ohio.

If all of this has you interested in placing an order of your own two good facts to have are that the cheapest available shipping is $11 for 2-day shipping. The alternative is $20 for overnight. And that you can choose your delivery date.

All of the pictures from this can be found in the Om Nom Nom Studios Flickr stream.