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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'd Prefer A Cold Turkey Sammich . . .

For the last week I haven't been knitting. Not because I've chosen to abstain for some unfathomable reason but because I woke up one morning with minor wrist pain (which happens to me from time to time) and instead of just not knitting for a day like I usually would; I didn't knit for something silly like two hours. Then once I picked my sticks back up I didn't just continue working on my sweater (which would have required very little brain power it's so simple right now), I chose to begin a fair isle beret (and not a particularly simple one).

Here is an example of what could be considered a simple fair isle pattern.

This is the "first fair isle anything(cowl/headband)" by Irene Ramalho. Shown here is Irene's (I have made one of these but do not have a decent picture of it).

Here is the pattern I chose to work on right now.

The beret shown here is not my own. I Googled you up a decent picture so you could see what we're dealing with here and all credit for the work that went into this should go to blogger, Lauren Wood of Lauren's Crafts.

Here is how far I got into my own hat before it happened.

One of the tips of my fingers has gone numb and I have been unable to feel it since. The wrist pain did not increase to an unbearable level until later that night.

Since I have been forced into cold-turkeydom I have been camped out on my lappie.

Right after posting about my attempt at dreamsicle cupcakes, Darling Misty B. pointed out she was unable to post a comment. I went back into bloggers comment settings and made sure everything looked good to go and it did.

However, today when I was snooping around the intarwebs I ran across Chinamommy, who was kind enough to stop by here as well. ChinaMommy ended up sending me a mail through my Etsy shop letting me know she had the same issue.

Comments should now be properly enabled. When you go to comment you should be lead to a page to do just that. I chose not to use the pop-up option because so many of us have pop-ups blocked these days.

And thanks again to ChinaMommy and Darling Misty B. for the heads-up.


chinamommy said...

Whooo Hooo girl, you DID IT!! Am I your 1st commenter? I think I might be!!!
Hope your hands, fingers, wrist's are back to normal soon!!!!!