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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Word About Food Theivery

All food thievery is wrong. Totally, unbelievable, undeniably, you're-going-to-burn-for-this wrong. I feel even strong about this when it comes to sandwiches. If you doubt how strongly I feel about this - you can ask my husbands grandma and his cousin.

ANYHOW. I am sitting here waiting for dinner and all I can think about is the Ross Geller sandwich with the moist maker. I have decided that in the near future, I will require one (or I might die.) I got sidetracked, by you tube, when looking for a "recipe" or a transcript from the show to remember exactly what goes on it.

In conclusion, food thievery is wrong. Don't do it. Ever. You'll burn for it. Now I'm off to eat my dinner.