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Monday, August 2, 2010


Today is the boy and I's 2nd anniversary. Which feels a little funny to say when he and I have been together the majority of time since I was a junior or senior in high school.

Two days ago when I was looking for pictures for the most recent blog I found this. A picture of a cake we got when we had been together for 2 years. Just thought it was amusing to find this marker 2 days before our 2 year anniversary of another 2 year anniversary.

We went back to the restaurant where he proposed, Mozart's (N. High St. Clintonville, OH). In fact, without asking, we were seated at the very table we sat at that day.

From the moment I saw Mozart's when I first visited Columbus I knew I just really wanted to eat there. It wasn't long until I did and the wonderful food, atmosphere and wait-staff have left such an impression in me we have been many times in the years we have been here.

There are two other places that have left a lasting impression on me, Raising Canes (fried chicken so moist I insisted on having it at our wedding) which I didn't have until a bit later, and Jimmy Johns ("subs so fast you'll freak") which I had in some of my first visits.

The appetizer tonight was all me. While the boy ate bread I had the hummus. The portion seems much smaller than it used to be which made me sad because Mozarts always seemed far from shy about piling on the delicious veggies with your hummus. And I do so love take home.

For an entree both had the wiener schnitzel (I had the veal he had the chicken). It only occurred to me to take a picture for you after I mowed through most of my meal. At that point his was long gone.

For dessert I had an amaretto truffle and the boy had a slice of chocolate mousse torte (which is the cake he proposed with. And I do mean the cake. He proposed with an entire cake).

I believe that's all for now kids and sorry for all of the dark cell phone pictures (I forgot the digital at home).