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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm not sure just how many people outside of the crafting community are aware of Regretsy, but I can assure more than enough within it are incredibly aware.

Regretsy, whose tagline is "Where DIY Meets WTF" is a parody of Etsy. Items on Regretsy tend to be reported to them, and due to the popularity of the site even they themselves have pointed out there is a whole lot of WTF to sort through.

What makes it a WTF? The short answer is: whatever makes you wonder why someone a)made the item b)thinks someone would buy the item c) chose to go against their best judgment and share said item with the internet when they should know it's a WTF.

And all on my own steam, I've made it. That's right, this morning I woke up to a Facebook message from my friend over at Dollfoolery proclaiming I'd made it!

Here is the item that people feel was worthy.

Am I upset? No, not one bit. Even bad publicity is good publicity.

Am I surprised? Only mildly. I figured eventually someone would find me and post me. What I really think of the whole situation is - "wow I never saw the item in that light."

The cowl has been likened to scabs, bot flies, and goiters. I thought the whole bot fly thing was so original I nearly went in and changed the name!

Also in the Facebook comments was a remark about what on EARTH was I doing to the peperoni pizza scarf!? The owner and operator of The Neighborhood Fiber Company has remarked on that same thing. When I opened my store she said it was a bunch of pictures of me in a slutty dress making naughty faces.

You can see how seriously I took that.