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Monday, February 15, 2010

A Word On Where On Earth I Have Been

Alright, it's been a while since I made a blog post. But according to the who-visits-your-blog-tracker-thingie I have it says no one actually reads this anyway. Disheartening.

There kind of haven't been a lot of fun stuff photo opportunities because for the last weeks Ohio has been pretty much buried in snow. Then as soon as we all poke our heads back out again and think it's safe - WHAM! Snow. Which is what happened once again today.

Lately I have been thinking hard about summer appropriate knits for the store. I have some ideas and can't wait to get a move on them. Someone recently pointed out to me that they felt my online store got huge fast. I didn't think it was really all that big - I was hoping to insure whoever came to shop had a lot of options to choose from. Anyhow I said all that to say this, yarn costs money, and in general I never have a dime to my name. So I've been saving up all my dimes to try and get myself another tattoo - or rather to add to my most recent. So until I have it I won't be spending too much more money on yarn.

I do have a few more winter ideas I would like to move on and probably have the yarn here to make - so we will see what happens from there.

The Uniform Project chocolate chip cookie scarf has been getting a lot of views but no purchases just yet. This is a good time to remind all that a portion of the profits will be given to The Uniform Project for each scarf sold or order placed in advance until the projects end. The more scarves I sell the higher the percentage of profits I can donate. I'd like to manage to at least $360 so we can help one Indian child.

I suppose that's all for now. Toodle - OOOO