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Friday, July 9, 2010

Om Nom Nom Meets Mr. Bacon

My friend Wendy over at Dollfoolery has been good to me in many ways since pretty much the day I met her. I'd like to add that on the day I met her she introduced me to Malabrigo which to a lot of knitters is particularly nommy yarn. It was a very good start.

Over the past couple of years I have known her she has always managed to give me a birthday prezzie (which is particularly sweet of her bc I am usually too broke to do anything on the scale of awesomenicity that she brings.) This year was no exception.

Today I got my belated birthday prezzie from the Wendy-lady, what she called "a box full of bacon." (I know right? What's not to love about anyone who will send you something called "a box full of bacon")

Possibly without realizing it, she'd sent me a box (mostly) full of things I have an online cart full of but had yet to be able to purchase. SCORE!

I texted her almost as soon as I got it (I took a break to take a picture and post it to the Pro-Portional Designs Facebook fan page first.) When she responded she once again was on the ball with something that had already occurred to me. Mr. Bacon needs to go places and be photographed like the celebrity he is.

To insure I don't forget to do just that I put him in my purse to begin his adventures.

Only adding to how amusing all of these coincidences are is this: April before last I went on a vacation with my family. My oldest brother-in-law brought along the Om Nom Nom Studios model, Lizzie K's wooden toy which we call "Katasaur" and took pictures of it just about everyplace we went. He even put together a vacay video and posted it to YouTube.

I give you . . . . Katasaur:

I think Mr.Bacon and Katasaur need a play date in the near future.