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Monday, March 29, 2010

Etsy Updates and Roadside America

This past Friday there was an Etsy update (as promised). And as I said, I have come up with something that I have yet to find anyplace else online. So I am happy to announce that Pro-Portional Designs of Om Nom Nom Studios is the home and creator of the foodie baby bib (maybe I'll have a cuter way to put it in the future.) There are now two new sections in the store, children and

The other day I was out visiting some family and saw the pumpkin water tower in Circleville, Ohio (that I am sure i have seen before but never really thought about.)

While I was working on these pictures I wondered about other water towers similar to this and came across:

The watermelon water tower in Texas

The Peach water tower in Alabama

Not quite food but still delightful is the coffee pot water tower in California

There are others but I thought it was amusing.


Anonymous said...

I have seen a peach one in Ga. Go Figure tho.

Katrina N said...

My mother's childhood home of Jackson OH, they have an apple festival every year